Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Implementation of Parmar judgement to be finished by 31.07.2015 - HRD

Letter addressed to all Pr CCITs dated 18.05.15 from HRD
"To ascertain the status of implementation of the Supreme Court judgment in N.R Parmar and the guidelines issued by CBDT in the form of FAQs, meetings chaired by DGIT (HRD) were held on 30.3.2015 and 10-04-2015, with representatives of all CCAs and ITEF. The representatives from Bihar & Jharkhand and Kerala and ITGOA were not present in the meetings. The highlights of the meeting are as below...."
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Training of officers / officials in new Income Tax Business Application

As the department is going to roll out a new environment of computer application from the existing ITD Application, exhaustive training is proposed in the new ITBA.
Nationwide training programme scheduled to commence in this month itself in 40 locations.
For the last few years practically no training in ITD application has been provided to the users by RTI/MSTUs for lack of infrastructure like absence of ITD nodes, RSA Token, module of training software etc. Repeated representations from the users in this regard could not yield any result so far.
Let us hope that extensive and exhaustive training programme in the new application may provide an opportunity for the users to effectively work on the new environment.
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Friday, May 15, 2015

CBDT issues clarification reg advance increment for passing dept. exam

In a recently issued instruction CBDT paved the way for getting two advance increment which was being objected by different ZAOs.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

JCA on warpath again, lunch hour demonstration on 12/05/15

 Agitation against delay in promotions to ACIT & other related issues
 "In pursuit of the following demands, the Central JCA in the said meeting has unanimously decided to tread a path of Agitation in the form of Lunch hour demonstration on 12.05.2015 in front of the all the Pr. CCIT offices, across the country.
 i) Immediate promotion from ITO to ACIT against the left-out vacancies of R.Y. 2013-14 and the entire vacancies of R.Y.s 2014-15 & 2015-16; 
ii) Immediate finalisation of Recruitment Rules of Gr. B & C employees; 
iii) Immediate filling up of posts of Inspectors lying vacant for want of candidates in one category by promoting the eligible candidates available in other category. 
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