Thursday, August 28, 2014

West Bengal Inspectors refuse to sign the attendance register

ITEF, West Bengal circle decided to call for the Inspectors to abstain from signing the attendance register from 1st September 2014.
As per ITEF version, the practice of signing the register of Inspectors is not prevailing in the rest of the country and to maintain the rule of parity of practice all over India and as the matter has been discussed with the authority several times, ITEF WB circle decided to call the Inspectors NOT to mark attendance register from 1st September 2014.
Click here to view the letter of ITEF addressed to Pr CCIT, W.B. & Sikkim.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Updates about cadre review implementation

The Chairman CBDT recently visited Hyderabad and in the sideline of official review meeting he informed  following news which are the concern of many employees
ITO to ACIT promotion
All constraints regarding ITO to ACIT promotion have been removed and the DPC is likely to be held "very soon."
New Recruitment Rule
The new RRs are awaiting DOPT approval and expected soon. In the mean time the draft RRs to be circulated to the cadre controlling authorities to get prepared for early DPC.
The draft jurisdiction prepared is currently being cross checked by the respective Pr CCITs. The official notification is expected to be within 15th of next month.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Officers and staff of the department to maintain cleanliness and punctuality strictly

"Cabinet Secretary in his recent directives to Revenue Secretary has emphasised that cleanliness of work areas and improvement in the over-all ambience of office buildings as also punctuality on the part of the officials should be reviewed on sustained basis so that there is a visible improvement and that there are no report of slippages in this regard,'"
"The importance of clean and tidy office which gives an air of efficiency and observance of punctuality which is essential for maintenance of office decorum and discipline needs hardly be emphasised. Accordingly, the following instructions are brought to the notice of all Cadre Controlling Principal CCsIT and the offices under their jurisdictions for information and compliance and to help them to discharge their responsibilities in a more effective and efficient manner: "
"All the officers and staff working in offices under cadre control of Pr.CCsIT should strictly observe the prescribed office timings. It should be ensured that they do not overstay the lunch break and leave offices early before closing of office hours. No amount of external efforts can bring about improvements in punctuality of the officials on sustained basis unless Heads of Departments themselves take a personal interest in the same and observe the prescribed office hours. Therefore, all HODS may be instructed to conduct regular ,unannounced and surprise punctuality checks alongwith checking of attendance registers of the offices to see that the officials are observing office hours meticulously. Habitual latecomers may also be warned to mend their ways failing which disciplinary action may be taken against them. "
View the O.M. dated 21.08.2014

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