Thursday, July 23, 2015

Quarterly Review Meeting of JCA with Chairperson, outcome : A big zero !

The Quarterly Review Meeting of the Joint Council of Action with the Chairperson, CBDT was held on 21-07-2015 at New Delhi.
JCA published the outcome of the meeting. After going through the same, nothing substantial achievement is found. Let us discus a few.
Calculation of vacancies for ACIT promotion :
"The Chairperson directed the DGIT (HRD) and the JS (Admin.) to complete the file work of vacancy calculation within a week’s time and she assured that the Board would take the decision on the number of promotions to be held immediately thereafter." (Tarikh pe tarikh !)
Recruitment Rule : 
Absolutely no development.
Withdrawal of the Order of Diversion of 1633 posts from West Bengal & Sikkim Charge. 
"The committee formed for the purpose needs to be revived and the same would be done and decision will be taken within a period of 3 months.: (That means the committee is presently defunct, What the hell both the secretaries from this region is busy with ?)
New Laptops to AO/PS and Inspectors and replacement of old Laptops.
No good news in this regard too! (whether the announcement made in the ITEF secretarial meeting was merely a gossip ? It was said in that meeting that Laptop for Inspectors got final approval ! Click here for details of ITEF meeting held on 13.07.15)
Increase in the reimbursement of local travel expenses to Inspectors and Notice Servers
"The IFU has sent back the file for obtaining comments from the Pr. Chief Controller of Accounts. The proposal will be resubmitted to the IFU after obtaining the same from Pr. Chief Controller of Accounts." (No advancement in years.)
Click here for other items and full text of JCA communication dated 22.07.2015.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Laptop for Inspectors approved : ITEF

In the secretariat meeting of ITEF it was informed that the laptop to Inspectors has got the final approval and the modalities and procedure for its purchase and distribution are being worked out by the Board.
Among other discussions a fund raising proposal also introduced. "For properly maintenance of the Manishi Nath Bhawan, the Secretariat decided to create Building Maintenance Fund with collection of Rs.100/- from the members placed in PB-2 and of Rs. 50/- from the members placed in PB-1 And the decision of the Secretariat will be placed before the CWC for approval."
"The Secretariat also decided to protest the videography introduced in the Examination from this year in spite of assurances given by the Member (P&V) to the representatives to the contrary and its immediate stoppage from the next year onward." (No, they did not demand scrapping of invigilators yet !)
Click here for details in ITEF site

CAT Ernakulam Bench stayed promotion of ITOs unless seniority list is re fixed as per NRP

The Honble CAT vide its Interim Order dated 11.06.2015 have directed the UOI not to make any further promotion based on the Final All India Seniority List of ITOs as on 01.01.2009. 
Till now only Ahmedabad, Guwahati and Lucknow charge prepared the revised seniority list of ITOs as per NRP judgement. CBDT asked all other charges to expedite implementation of Parmar judgement so that all India seniority list of ITOs can be prepared for further processing of promotion process of ITOs to ACIT which is long overdue.
Click here for the CBDT communication dated 16.07.2015 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

ITO to ACIT Promotion : Board seeks urgent report from Pr. CCIT(CCA)s

CBDT asked to send report of the working strength of ACITs in each region as on 01.04.2013, 01.04.2014 and 01.04.2015 to enable them to calculate number of vacancies available for promotion from ITO.
"I am directed to refer to the above mentioned subject and request you to provide a list of Officers working AC1T by name under your charge as on 01.04.2013, 01.04.2014 and 01.04.2015 separately latest by 16th July, 2015 to enable the Board office to reach on correct figures with regard to number of vacancies available in the grade of ACsIT on such Financial Years. Matter may please be treated as Most Urgent as proposal for promotion of ITOs to the grade of ACsIT is already getting delayed."
Click here for the communication

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Central Working Committee Meeting of the ITEF on 13th & 14th August, 2015

Hotel Royal Regency.
For Tariff, Click Here

"Notice is hereby given for the Central Working Committee Meeting of the ITEF on 13th & 14th August, 2015 at Hotel Royal Regency, Ambedkar Road, Maliwara Chawk, Ghaziabad, UP West (contact No. 0120-4388800) to discuss the following agenda.  The meeting will commence at 10.00 AM on 13th August, 2015. All CWC members are requested to attend the meeting positively.
1. Confirmation of minutes of the CWC meeting held at Guwahati on 18th February, 2015.
2. Discussion on departmental and common issues.
3. Discussion on Organisational matters.
4. Discussion on functioning of JCA.
5. Review of financial position of the Federation and creation of Building Maintenance Fund.
6. Reconstitution of Advisory Committee and names of Chairman, Election   Commission &    Chairman, Disciplinary Committee.
7. Any other matter with permission of the chair."
Source : ITEF Website
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