Friday, January 23, 2015

ITGOA in favour of immediate DPC for ACIT promotion

ITO to ACIT promotion
ITGOA in it's extended secretarial meeting discussed about the NR Parmar implementation and as it may take more time to implement nationwide, the association is in favour of immediate DPC on existing list provisionally , subject to further modification as per Parmar implementation.
"The Meeting revisited the objections raised by some of our members earlier while conducting DPC from cadre of ITO to ACIT for the R.Y. 2012-13 and 2013-14 without implementing NRP and also, the overwhelming frustration of the entire membership for the inordinate delay in holding DPCs for promotion in the cadre of ACIT. The meeting decided that the promotions on the basis of the existing seniority list subject to further revision as per NRP might be allowed and, at the same time, ITGOA must put all its efforts, region-wise and at all India level, to ensure the implementation of NRP at the earliest ."
Click here for the full text of communication from CHQ, ITGOA

Friday, January 16, 2015

Implementation of Parmar case : Revised advisory issued by CBDT

Implementation of the Decision of Hon'ble Supreme Court In the case of NR Parmar (CA No. 7514-7515) and others- Corrigendum to Advisory dated 07.11.2014
CBDT issued corrigendum regarding advisory issued earlier on 07.11.2014. Now they made it clear that the SC verdict will applicable to all Group B and C posts where there is a component of both Direct Recruit and Promotees are present. It means this verdict will be applicable for not only Inspectors but equally vaild for TA, LDC, DEO etc.
Details of requisition made to the recruiting agency for direct recruitment and the applicable recruitment year has also been provided by the board for necessary action at CCIT(CCA) level.
It is once again prescribed a time frame for conduction review DPCs in all regions. All such review DPCs should be completed within 30.01.2015.
Click here for the revised advisory and recruitment data.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Return not to be processed after u/s 143(1) after issuance of scrutiny notice

CBDT clarifies that if an unprocessed return is selected for scrutiny assessment and notice under section 143(2) issued, such return should not be processed u/s 143(1).
This clarification certainly removes the ambiguity of expression under section 143(1D).
Click here for the clarification

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

CBDT issued modified scheme for distribution of posts

The detailed cadre restructuring plan with scheme for distribution of posts has been conveyed to all cadre controlling Pr CCIT/CCIT with modification for further necessary action at local level.
It may be mentioned that "ROAD MAP FOR PLAN FOR PHASING OUT OF POSTS FROM WEST BENGAL CHARGE" can be viewed in "Annexure N" of the said communication and phasing out is scheduled from F.Y 2015-16 onwards. 
Click here for the 107 pages communication dated 2.12.2014

Friday, December 19, 2014

Inspectors' Exam 2014 : Result published

Result of Departmental Examination of ITIs' - 2014 has just been published. 
Click Here for ITI PQ RESULT 2014
Click Here for ITI BETTERMENT NEW 2014
Click Here for ITI BETTERMENT OLD 2014
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