Thursday, August 27, 2015

ITGOA to participate in 2nd September strike.

With mounting pressure from both within the organization and ITEF members, ITGOA compelled to take part in the proposed strike action and today served strike notice to CBDT.
The earlier stand of "extending solidarity support" has been strongly criticized in all forum as an escapist move. Click here to view discussion in this blog earlier.

"Keeping in view of our earlier participation and as opined by the majority units, a Strike notice has been served on the CBDT, New Delhi on 27-08-2015. A copy of the strike notice served on the Chairperson, CBDT, New Delhi is enclosed herewith for submission of the same to the respective Pr. CCIT’s. In view of this, we would like to appeal to all the Units to mobilize their members for participation in the one day Strike action on 02-09-2015 and to make it a grand success."
Click here to view ITGOA Circular dated 27.08.15 and copy of strike notice.

Monday, August 24, 2015

JCA declared agitation programme

In addition to the Lunch-hour Demonstration to be held at all Pr.CCIT offices and other CCIT/CIT stations on 25-08-2015, following other programmes have been chalked out by JCA on a meeting dated 24.08.2015.
"The Central JCA, in an emergent meeting on 24-08-2015 at New Delhi, decides that the members of JCA will be on a day’s strike on 8th October, 2015.
The members of JCA all over the country will wear Black-badge on 31-08-2015 in protest of the indifferent attitude of the CBDT in respect of these very legitimate demands. 
The JCA has also called upon its members to observe the following programme of actions from 09-09-2015. 
1. Lunch-hour demonstration will be held on 09-09-2015 in all Pr. CCIT and other CCIT/CIT offices nation-wide and the Notice for a day’s Strike on 08-10-2015 will be served on the CBDT. Copy of the strike notice will be served by the state units to the Pr.CCsIT. 
The non-cooperation movement will start from 09-09-2015 itself in the following manner:
 i) Stoppage of work relating to widening of tax-base.
 ii) No work relating to I & CI job like uploading of CIB data, disposal of verification cases, etc. 
iii) Artificial deadlines for completion of scrutiny assessments will not be adhered to. 
2. Black-flag Demonstration before the Chairperson and Members of CBDT on their visit in any office outside the North Block.
 3. Day-long Dharna in front of all Pr.CCIT and other CCIT/CIT offices on 15-09-2015.
 4. Half-day walk-out from 2.00 PM on 24-09-2015
 5. Strike action on 8th October, Thursday, 2015.
 It is further decided to intensify the agitation after 08-10-2015.
The other measures of non-cooperation, like non-participation in search/survey operations, stoppage of tax-recovery works, etc. will be adopted after 08-10-2015, if required. All the Units/Circles of ITGOA/ITEF are requested to observe the programme of agitation jointly. An extensive campaign programme for the Strike action on 08-10-2015 has to be carried out. The Central JCA will serve letter to the Chairperson, CBDT on 25-08-2015 intimating the programme of agitation."
Click here for the JCA Circular

JCA to meet today to decide agitation programme including strike

Update on agitation from ITGOA
" ITGOA proposes to initiate the continuous programme of Agitation from the 2nd week of September, 2015 and the one-day Strike action in the month of October, 2015. The Central JCA has decided to convene an emergent meeting on 24-08-2015 at New Delhi to decide upon the date of Strike and other programmes of agitation in perseverance of our demands. Lunch Hour Demonstration will be held on 25-08-2015 before all Pr. CCIT (CCA) and other CCIT/CIT offices under the banner of JCA to adopt the resolution of non-cooperation/agitation including the Strike action and the same will be submitted to the CBDT on the same day."
Regarding All India Strike on 2nd September
"... the Central Trade Unions in the country have decided to organize yet another one day strike on 2nd September, 2015."
"The Income tax Employees Federation, our partner in the Joint Council of Action (JCA) has served the strike notice and is mobilizing their members to take part in this historic action. The ITEF had been able to register cent per cent participation of its members in the past in such actions. ITEF has also invited ITGOA to join hands in making the Strike call a grand success. ITGOA has the proud and magnificent record of taking part in such general actions in the past and align itself with the working people of the country. In that background and in deference to the CCGGOO decision, we appeal to all the ITGOA Units to extend solidarity support by participating in the Strike action on 02-09-2015. I also appeal our Units to take part jointly with the ITEF in all mobilization campaigns for the success of the Strike action."
Click here for ITGOA Circular dated 22.08.2015

It is evident from the above circular from ITGOA that they did not serve any such strike notice like ITEF and will extend solidarity support only. It implies that no consequential penal action for strike, if any, will not be applicable for their members.
In the other hand they are planning for another strike under the banner of JCA for the five point programme which is mainly for their interest, ITO to ACIT promotion. It may be argued that it will open consequential promotion avenue in the lower cadres also, but that may be applicable to all promotions in the department. Will they fight for CIT to Pr CIT/Pr CIT to CCIT etc. promotions also ?
Now it is to be watched carefully whether ITEF will extend only solidarity support to ITGOA's strike call which is for their immediate benefit ?

Monday, August 17, 2015

JCA gives ultimatum of a week, otherwise will start agitation with lunch hour demonstration

Ultimatum to Chairperson CBDT :
"The meeting of the Central JCA is of the opinion that the Board shall give due importance to the problems that are being faced by the members. We would request you to take appropriate action on priority basis on the aforesaid issues within a week’s time so that  the overwhelming agony and frustration of the entire membership do not lead the JCA into the path of agitation."
A 5(five) point charter of demands has been prepared as below:
 I) Promotions in the cadre of ACIT, for all regular and CRC vacancies and upto the R.Y.2015-16, are to be given immediately. Conducting DPCs for R.Y. 2015-16 in all cadres by the respective Pr. CCsIT are to be given by 31st of August. 
II) Provide Infrastructure facility to all Officers and officials i.e. ample space with modern furniture, Computers with nodes, etc.
 III) Steps to be taken to fill up all vacant posts immediately to stop outsourcing of regular office work/data entry work.
 IV) To regularise all Casual/Daily paid workers against MTS posts, who are completing 10 years as on date in our Department. 
V) Finalise and notify all Recruitment Rules of Group B & C officials immediately.
Lunch Hour demonstration on 25.08.2015
"The concern of our members and the compulsion of JCA in taking the path of agitation will be expressed to the Chairperson, CBDT on 17.08.2015 requesting her to settle the issues immediately. In absence of compliance from CBDT, a Lunch Hour Demonstration will be held on 25.08.2015 before all Pr. CCIT(CCA) offices under the banner of JCA to adopt the resolution of non-cooperation. The possible modes of agitation has already been discussed in the MCM of ITGOA and the CWC of ITEF and the JCA meeting dated 12.08.2015 empowered the Presidents/Secretary Generals of ITGOA and ITEF to decide upon the date of commencement and the mode of agitation."
Click here to view JCA Circular dated 17.08.2015
Click here to view the ultimatum to Chairperson, CBDT

Thursday, August 13, 2015

67 DCITs promoted as JCIT on adhoc basis

"The president is pleased to appoint the following officers of Indian Revenue Service to the grade of Joint Commissioner of Income Tax purely on Ad-hoc basis in PB-3 (Rs.15,600-39.100 with GP Rs.7,600) with effect from assumption of charge of the post for a period not exceeding one year. Further, keeping in view the administrative requirement of the Department and sufficient number of vacancies available in all the CCA Regions these officers are retained in their present CCA Regions, till AGT, 2016"
Click here for the list of officers
It can be noticed that all promotion in the IRS cadre is taking effect as and when vacancy arises, if necessary in ad hoc basis also. But the same urgency is not seen in case of promotion from ITO to ACIT. Board even could not calculate the actual vacancy position yet.
No news is available regarding the scheduled meeting of JCA of 12th Aug in New Delhi. Neither ITEF nor ITGOA has come out with the outcome or any agitation program yet.
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