Monday, April 6, 2015

Update on discussion with Pay Commission and departmental issues from ITEF

ITEF issued a detailed circular regarding discussion with 7th CPC, other departmental issues including departmental examination for the year 2015.
We reproduce the gist of the circular.
Oral evidence before the VII-CPC
On a discussion with seventh CPC JCA urged for same pay scale of ITOs with Officers in the Audit & Accounts Department with a grade pay of Rs 5400 and Inspectors at par with IB and CBI Inspectors. They soufgt similar pay for TAs with other Accounts counterparts and NS with Postal Assistants. As per ITEF CPC has taken "positive and appreciative approach" to all the demands.
Departmental Examination
Departmental Exam for the year is likely to be held in the first half of July
Recruitment Rule
New RR for Ex. Assts. is being delayed by DOPT. DOPT wants a 10 year residency period for the promotion to the new cadre while the association stressed for 3 years. Dept. assured to pre3ss the demand for 3 years to DOPT. 
Association objected any mandatory training programme for promotion in any cadre.
Implementation of NR Parmar Judgement & DoPT Instructions.
"...The true revision as per the spirit of the CBDT instruction to correctly determine the seniority,has to be  the revision from the bottom.  The point was made clear to all and it has been decided to revise the seniority of the cadres where the element of both DR & PR  exists accordingly.  It was also decided that  progress of implementation and revision of seniority list of all such cadres will be monitored by the Authorities every month."
Advance Increment on passing ITI Examination
 '..Our further persuasion at all levels and the sincere efforts made by the Chairperson and Member (P&V) the said benefit has finally been extended to Sr. Tax Assistants and Stenographer Gr. II(Old). We sincerely thank all the members who stood with us patiently for quite long."
Click here to read the full circular for ITEF site.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Advance increment for passing ITI Exam : General order issued

The much awaited general instruction from CBDT finally arrived. As informed in this blog earlier that Board was going to issue general instruction for granting two advance increment to Sr T.A.s and Stg Gr I (Erstwhile Stg Gr II in the pre revised 5000-8000 scale) for passing departmental Inspectors' exam.
"....It has been decided by the competent authority to extend the benefit of two advance increments to the cadre of Sr T.As and Stg Gr I (erstwhile Stg Gr II in the pre revised scale of Rs 5000-8000) on passing the departmental exam for Income Tax Inspectors."
Click here for the full order.
It is evident in the order that judgements of different tribunals and court of laws compelled CBDT to issue a general instruction in this regard to avert further litigations. The influence of association is not very prominent in this case though they are already in a self apprising mood !
Image result for printer icon Print the order from ITEF site.

Monday, March 16, 2015

CBDT issues standard operating procedure of operational vehicle

At last CBDT acted upon misuse of operational vehicle. We have described earlier in this blog how the operational vehicles in this department are actually being used. If any one has missed it, please Click Here for the earlier post.
As per the recent communication to all Pr. CCITs it is clarified that
"The operation vehicles are only for operational needs of the department and are to be used for discharging the various functions under the I.T. Act"
"The operational vehicles are not allocated for individual officer. It is for the operational requirement for the entire Range/Unit"
"It is a duty of Pr CIT/CIT to ensure the pool of such operational vehicle is optimally utilized for the aforesaid purposes."
"The Pr CIT/CIT should also ensure that the logbooks of use of operational vehicles are properly maintained and certified"
Click here for the full communication dated 16.03.2015
Now the question is will there be an end of using these vehicles for personal purpose ? Will the Range / Unit will be able to use them on actual official purpose ? The answer lies with the activity of unions and common employees as now the responsibility of misuse is fixed on specific person.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Advance Increment for passing Inspectors' Exam : Present Status

Confusion is spreading regarding advance passing increment to Sr T.As and Stg Gr I. The present status of the same is described below.
CBDT vide it's order dated 5th March 2015 to all cadre controlling Pr CCITs , stated that as per the recommendation from DOLA, two advance increments to Sr T.A and Stg Gr I may be granted as per various court's order. 
The Board has decided to issue general instruction in this matter soon.
It is implied in the order that till the issuance of any general instruction in this matter, only the cases under litigation and armed with favourable court judgement for the employees concerned, may be disposed with granting advance increments.
Click here for the order.

Monday, March 9, 2015

ITGOA seeks exemption from bio metric attendance

ITGOA, in a recent letter to Chairperson, CBDT requested to keep them outside the ambit of bio metric attendance system. To strengthen their cause, they have taken together the Inspectors also.
"The officers in the cadres of Income Tax authority i.e. Income Tax Inspectors and above, are bound to carry out out-door duties, almost on regular basis. Adherence to Bio-metric attendance system will affect adversely the mobility of such officers and so, will adversely affect frequent out-door activities."
Among other reasons they referred to time barring assessments, late working hours in office, occasionally working in saturdays, sundays etc.
Except search and survey duties, that too are also performed by non executive employees (though unofficially) all other hazards are common phenomenon for every employee's posted in assessment charges but the promotee officers are silent on this issue. They sought relief only for themselves, the executive cadres.
Click here to view the letter.

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