Thursday, June 15, 2017

Post Training Exam for newly promoted ITOs : JCA wrote to CBDT for immediate withdrawal

"...The issue was also discussed with your honour in the meeting dated 27‐05‐2017 and you had assured us to look into the matter. The decision of not giving executive posting involving assessment work before passing the course‐ending examination, that too for a single cadre in the entire hierarchy, has already caused widespread resentment amongst the officers/officials of the Department. The aim to increase the efficiency level of an officer can be undertaken by adopting the measures enumerated above instead of dealing the same in a negative manner. We would therefore like to request your honour to kindly withdraw the Instruction dt. 28‐02‐2017 immediately and also, the measures for enhancing the efficiency/skill of officers, in all cadres, may be introduced as suggested above as early as possible.  "

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Central JCA withdraws agitation

The same old drama and the same conclusion !
Central JCA suspended it's ongoing agitation "to pave the way for settlement. Our members are advised to bring about normalcy in the functioning of the Department forthwith. It is to mention here that if positive steps are not taken by the CBDT as per the discussion in the meeting dated 27‐05‐ 2017 within a short period, the JCA will be compelled to re‐launch the agitation immediately with more intense vigor."
Click here for JCA circular

The official minute of the discussion provided by CBDT does not reveal any fruitful outcome till the leadership who were much eager than the administration to withdraw the agitation and the annual festival is now over.
Click here for the minutes of the meeting held on 27.05.17

This year' agitation though did not create any effect on the day to day functioning of the department and many members did not actually know when the agitation started, when intensified or withdrawn.
None of the demands met, for example, the issue of providing laptop is still waiting in DOE. This update is being received for at least four long years !
So, let us wait for next year's agitation !

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Misuse of operational vehicle : Member, CBDT warns stern action.

In this blog we have repeatedly highlighted regarding misuse of operational vehicle by a section of officers and officials in the department. The service associations never took this issue for agitation because in this matter some of the leaders also enjoy the undue benefit themselves. 
Member, CBDT again warned the officers to ensure that operational vehicles should be made available for officers and official for official use only. It is also highlighted that operational vehicles are not meant for commuting between office and residence of the officers and not for personal use of them and their family members.
Click here for the communication from Member CBDT

But the question is  who will bell the cat ? As per prevailing practice most of the operational vehicles are unofficially earmarked to officers (Including Range Heads) for their journey from office to home and personal purpose. Officers and officials seldom get the privilege of using it for actually official purpose. Surprise checking of logbook will not serve the purpose because it is mostly manipulated. CBDT may explore the option of fixing GPS device on each and every car so that it can be monitored from New Delhi ! 
Click here for earlier post : 

Operational Vehicles : Used for which operation ?

Sunday, May 28, 2017

"Intensified agitation" and CBDT's response

JCA has intensified it's agitation including non submission of statistical reports and not participating in search and survey operation.
As a result of agitation conducted by the JCA, chairman CBDT invited Central JCA for a meeting on 27.05.17where most of the demands have been addressed positively and Chairman asked JCA to withdraw the agitation but JCA leadership asked for official publication of assurances given in form of minutes of the meeting. It may be so because in the past lots of assurances were given but  very few did actually materialize. Sometimes members asked about the credibility of leaders. So this time leaders chose to be extra cautious.
Details of the meeting as procured from  JCA sources :

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Clarification from DOPT regarding bunching

DOPT issued clarification on bunching of increments. Though the clarification refers to AIS Pay scale but it can be assumed that it will applicable for others too.
".... this Department has been receiving queries from various Ministries/Departments/State Governments for fixation of pay in respect of members of Service whose pay gets fixed at the same Cell,in the applicable Level in the new Pay Matrix. The matter was clarified vide OM No.13021/1/2016-AIS-I (Pt.2) dated the 10th October, 2016 (copy enclosed). It is once again clarified that as per Rule 4 (A)(ii) of IAS (Pay) Rule, 2016, in cases of fixation of pay of IAS officers drawing pay at two or more stages in the pre-revised Pay Band and Grade Pay gets fixed at the same Cell in the applicable Level of the Pay Matrix, one additional increment may be given for every two stages bunched so that the pay of the member of Service drawing higher pay in the pre-revised structure is fixed at the next vertical Cell in the applicable Level."
Click here for the clarification with illustration
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