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Income tax cadre Review Report 2009

The Cadre review and Restructuring Report for the Income Tax Department has finally come out. We could manage to collect the report by our own source.
Highlights of the reports are:

o Introduction of the Apex Scale and HAG+ Grade in the with 42 post being created in two Apex Scale of Rs. 80,000 (fixed) and 74 posts being created in the HAG + Scale of Rs. 75,500 – 80,000 along with simultaneous abolition of 116 posts in HAG grade (PB-4 plus Grade Pay of Rs. 12,000).

o Status of Administrative Commissioners of Income Tax to be elevated to HAG (PB-4 plus Grade Pay of Rs. 12,000) Higher status for the posts of DIT(Inv.); CIT(Central); DIT(Training); DIT(Vigilance); DIT(Int’l Taxation) [to be redesignated CIT(Int’l Taxation)] as well. 346 posts to be placed in this higher grade.

o No change in the status of other posts.

o Additional posts to be created on functional considerations in other grades as under:-

Sr. No.


Pay Scale

Additional posts proposed



PB-4 + Rs. 10,000



Addl. CIT/ JCIT/ equivalent

PB-4 + Rs. 8700

PB-3 + Rs. 7600



Dy. CIT/ Asstt. CIT/ equivalent

PB-3 + Rs. 6600

PB-3 + Rs. 5400




PB-3 + Rs. 5400




PB-2 + Rs. 4800

PB-3 + Rs. 5400


Posts in lower grades to be created accordingly by following the prescribed norms of 1 Inspector, 1 TA/STA and ½ DEO/Stenographer for every ITO and 2 Inspectors, 2 TAs/STAs and 1 DEO/Stenographer for every ACIT/DCIT in a Range.

o Ranges to have six assessing officers including 2 ACITs/ DCITs in Central Range and 1 ACIT / DCIT in other Ranges.

o All DGsIT in HAG+ of Rs. 75,500 – 80,000 to be redesignated CCITs

o An additional post of CIT to be created for Budget and expenditure related work.

It is learnt that the Dept. will ask opinion of the service associations before implementing it.

View the full report here.

This report though made known to the service association [ITEF] but they did not make it public and did not place in their website.

This type of tendency of keeping things away from the general members is really surprising. Are they going to deprive the common members again like the 1% incentive scheme, out of which Group C and D employees got nothing and there is no meaningful protest from the Union ?

Please post your comment.

"........Our last circular letter i.e. ITEF/08/2009 has not been placed on the website. It has been e mailed to all of you on our common e mail domain of itefcentral_hq@sify.com whose pass word has already been communicated to all of you. Kindly go through the same and send your considered views to the CHQ on the cadre review proposal immediately to formulate our draft submission for the consideration of the CWC meeting at Daman on 18th and 19th June, 2009.

With greetings,

Yours fraternally,

Ashok Salunkhe.

Secretary General"


sushil said...

what is the method to see full report

sushil sharma
income tax inspector


To view the full report, click the link above, log in with your Google User id/pw and and ask for access to the document. You will be given permission within two days.
This is slightly complicated but there is no other way to share a word document through "Google Doc".
We apologize for the inconvenience.

koki said...

Benefit of 1% scheme must be given to all the employees of the income tax department in proportion to their pay scales. Benefit of laptop in available to only Officers. Benefit of petrol bill and mobile reimbursment is available to Inspector onwards. No benefit of 1% scheme is available to Sr.TA/TAs. Why this discrimination ? are they not employees of the department

Naresh Kumar

prabodhbansod said...

i have sent request to view full report but still no access is given to me tp see the report.
prabodh bansod
T.A, Kochi

SHYAM said...


akhilesh said...

Before implementation of Cadre Review Report 2009, the ITEF comrades are requested to Please go through the report on ''Cadre Review of Administrative Cadre of All India
Radio & Doordarshan'.
The post of UDC & LDC merged in a new cadre 'Assistant' in PB-2 with grade pay 4200/-.
The post of Head Clerk (5500-9000) re-designated as Executive in PB-2 with grade pay 4600/-.
We hope, ITEF look into the matter seriously in the interest of justice & equality before the Law.
Akhilesh Srivastava

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