Thursday, July 30, 2009

IT/Central Excise Inspectors may get enhanced Grade Pay soon, AO/PSs will have to wait more.

The Revenue Secretary hold a meeting with service associations and officers of the expenditure department to resolve the long standing demand of granting higher pay for the inspectors. He pursued hard in favour of the inspectors but assured to discuss the similar case of AO & PSs later as that is a common case in various department.

The summary of the meeting is reproduced here.

“The Revenue secretary has convened a meeting of the representatives of the ITEF and the organizations in the CBEC along with the official representatives of CBDT, CBEC, Revenue H.Qrs and the JS (Per), Director (IC) in the Department of Expenditure, Ministry of finance. On behalf of ITEF, Com. KKN Kutty, Com. Ashok Salunkhe and Com. Amitava Dey participated in the discussion. The Revenue Secretary supported the cause of the Inspectors of Central Excise, Customs and Income tax Department and asked the officials of the Department of Expenditure to seek any clarification they require in the matter. Most of the discussion and queries revolved around the functional distinction between the Sr. Tax Assistants and Inspectors and the feeder cadres of promotion to the grade of Inspector. The Staff side stated that there had been no justification in dilly dallying the issue so long especially in the light of the notification issued by the Government. It appeared from the discussion that the Department of Expenditure was concerned of the financial and other repercussions a positive decision might emanate from the Assistants of the Central Secretariat and other similarly placed cadres. On behalf of the ITEF it was pointed out to them that the Department of Expenditure themselves had settled the issue of parity in the pay scale of Inpsectors of Revenue Department vis a vis that of the Para Military forces, CBI. IB etc. and besides the necessity of assigning higher grade pay for Inspectors primarily arises from the functional distinction between the merged cadres of Sr. Tax Assistants, O.S and Inspectors and there cannot be any parity in so far this issue is concerned with the personnel in the Central Secretariat.

In so far as the anomaly of grade pay for P.S and Administrative officers are concerned, the Revenue Secretary said that he would convene such a meting later after ascertaining the stand of the Department of Personnel in the matter as these are common categories.”

Source : Income Tax Employees’ Federation

The Revenue Secretary informed that the meeting was called to resolve the grade pay issues of Inspectors who seek an upgradation to the grade pay of Rs. 4600/-. As regards the pay issue of DOS & AO, he stated that it would be looked into later. He told the meeting that the Inspectors have started a lunch hour demonstration, which may lead to a strike, and he wanted to avoid that. He wanted to find a solution to the problem faced by the cutting edge level officers. The officials from the Expenditure Department indicated their reservation on the subject. The Revenue Secretary as well as the other officials in the Revenue Department clearly stated that the post of Inspector and Senior Tax Assistant cannot be merged due to functional considerations. Revenue Secretary repeatedly mentioned about his concern about the agitation programme already taken up by the Inspectors of CBDT and CBEC. He finally requested the Expenditure Department to resolve the issue in two weeks and asked to convene a meeting in the 1st week of August for this purpose."

Source : All India Central Excise Inspectors’ Association.

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