Friday, July 1, 2011

Income Tax Cadre Review and Restructuring may be cleared in a month

Following are the excerpts from the ITEF blog. 
"...Shri. Prakash Chandra, Chairman, CBDT was in Mumbai on 28th and 29thJuly, 2011(It must be a typing error, please consider it as "June".).  We took the opportunity to meet him and discuss certain issues:  We give hereunder the issues raised and his response thereon:
1.        Cadre restructuring Proposal:  Chairman informed us that the Director in CBDT has been asked to interact with the concerned in DOPT to clarify the points raised by them so as to avoid the delay.  He expects to get the clearance of DOPT within a month's time.
2.       Pending Issues:  We have handed over him a copy of the minutes of the last formal meeting with his predecessor.  He has assured to get the orders/instructions issued by the Board wherever further discussions are not needed.  He will meet the representatives of ITEF on 8th July,2011 at New Delhi and if the ongoing JPC meetings are concluded he would meet and address the pending issues on that day itself or shall indicate the date convenient to him.
3.       Video Conferencing:  We have pointed out the futility of participating in the present format of video conferencing as there is little time to present the case and get response.  We have suggested that in view of the paucity of time, the representatives of a particular zone alone may be permitted to raise the issue, so that over a period everybody will get time to interact with the Chairman. Chairman was appreciative of this suggestion and would like to be presented the same for his consideration formally.  We seek you view in the matter.  What we intend to propose is as under.
A.      The date and time of video conferencing will be intimated well in advances.
B.      Only the issues a particular zone will be discussed in one conference. The others will have to await their turn for the next and subsequent conferences.
C.      The issues concerning a particular charge taken up with the CCITs but not resolved due to the absence of approval or clarification from Board will be raised.
D.      The query with the relevant information maybe e-mailed to the Chairman well in advance so that a proper decision could be conveyed in the conference itself.
E.       All India issues, which are being addressed  formally in the bilateral meetings need not be raised unless the action on decisions are delayed or decisions taken are not followed up by the section heads of the Board.
We feel that if this arrangement is agreed upon, the conference will have a smooth and orderly functioning and everybody will get an opportunity to get their long pending issues projected before the Chairman...."

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